Parking Lot Pricing
Main Lot Passes
  •  $5.00 Per Day
  •  $8.00 for Two Days
  •  $12.00 for Three Days
Passes will be sold as follows:
  •  Three Day Tournament; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will be able to purchase a day pass for $5.00 or a weekend pass for $12.00
  •  Two Day Tournament; Saturday & Sunday. You will be able to purchase a day pass for $5.00 or a weekend pass for $8.00
Gold and Premium Parking
  •  $10.00 per day
You may park in any of the three lots, Main, Gold and/or Premium.
RV/Campers/Bus Parking
  • $20.00 per day.
Overnight accommodations must be made in advance.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there handicapped parking?  
Yes, see map for specific location. If you need assistance getting to a field please enter the gray building and someone will provide transportation.
Are there indoor restrooms?
No, outdoor restrooms are provided in several locations on the property.
My son/daughter just played a game at another facility and they did not charge parking. Why do we have to pay to enter here?
We are a privately owned and operated facility and therefore we are not subsidized by any local governmental agency. The revenue generated from parking covers cost to operate the facility, such as field maintenance, grounds maintenance, utilities and staffing. As we continue to grow we are hoping to provide amenities such as indoor restroom facilities, a playground for children, a picnic pavilion and asphalt parking lot.
Do I have to pay if I just want to drop off my child?
No, however you will need to follow the direction of the parking attendant to the designated drop off area. It may or may not be close to your desired field.
I've paid $5.00 for a day pass and our team won so we have to come back tomorrow. Can I just upgrade to a weekend pass and pay $3.00?
No, most tournaments are structured for multiple games in a weekend so please plan accordingly.
I'm running late and my child needs to be on the field but I don't have any money. What do I do?
You will be allowed to drop your child off at the designated drop off location and directed to the closest ATM in town.
* No refunds. On sight management does not have authority to issue refunds in the event games are cancelled due to inclement weather. *
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